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Axial fan

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Tractor mounted and trailed sprayers

The new range of PDF trailed sprayers is built with the aim of providing the operator with an innovative and easy-to-use machine. The new tank designed by Nobili is available with capacities of 1000- 1500- and 2000-litres and has 3 independent tanks integrated in a single unit. The large pump housing simplifies the maintenance of the machine parts, which are mounted on a robust and cold-galvanized chassis. The 120 liters/minute cataphoresis pump guarantees resistance to more aggressive chemical agents. Thanks to the double pneumatic mixer, the mixing is effective even in case of more concentrated mixtures. The effectiveness of the treatment is assured by the 850 mm fan unit developed by Nobili. A tower version is also available, equipped with air straightener as standard, which allows to adapt to all types of crops and to increase the penetration in case of espalier cultivations. The washing system with by-pass valve is present on all machines: this system allows the circuit to be washed even at main tank full, without interfering with the dilution of the chemical product. The range of optional equipment is completed by the in-line pre-nozzle filters with hand-gun junction; the expanding rubber clutch; the plastic mixing basket; the upper deflectors; the electric controls and the European homologation for road circulation.

Technical features   PDF V G2 85-1000 T PDF V G2 85-1500 T PDF V G2 85-2000 T
Lt. capacity lt 1000 1500 2000
rpm = 540 bar 0-50 litri/1’ 120 120 120
Ø 850 850 850
rpm 2160 2160 2160
m/sec 36 36 36
mc/h 41300 41300 41300
Horizontal Range m 3-10 3-10 3-10
Vertical Range m 2-9 2-9 2-9
Power HP 45-55 50-60 50-60
KW 33-40 37-45 37-45
Measures A mm 3750 4035 4155
B mm 1325 1465 1580
C mm 1950 1970 2020
Weight KG 710 790 840

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