NF Mulcher


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Thick pruning
Wooded areas

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Forestry mulcher

For shredding of uncultivated areas and deforestation.
The NF forestry mulcher is suitable for deforestation works, cleaning of under growths and uncultiva-ted areas with large sized bushes and brambles. Thanks to the Hardox anti-wear skids in a rounded shape, the shredder has the ability to slide on the ground and to advance easily in both ways of working. The large rotor has retractable hammers in forged and hardened steel, suitable for shred-ding rough vegetation, brushwood and trunks with diameter up to 30 cm. The gearbox with double drive (mod. 2000 and 2250) and the five-gorge mono belts ensure a constant power supply during work. These features together with the double couterknife, allow the forestry mulcher NF to shred vegetation, thus ensuring a rapid decomposition of residues in the soil.

Technical features   NF 1800 NF 2000 NF 2250
Connecting position Rear Rear Rear
Working width mm 1800 2000 2250
Engine speed pdp rpm 540/1000 1000 1000
Tractor horse power HP 90-180 110-200 130-220
KW 66-132 80-147 96-166
Rotor speed rpm 1883/1706 1755 1755
Pruning residues < < 30 cm < 30 cm < 30 cm
Blades 06/F 30 34 38
Measures A 2100 2400 2550
B 1250 1250 1250
C 950 950 950
Weight KG 1350 1520 1700

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