BV serie 10 Mulcher


Vineyard and orchard


Grass, vine and kiwi pruning
Grass, fibrous and wood stalks, bushes
Grass, meadows, parks, gardens

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Specialised mulchers for vineyards and orchards

For the shredding of grass and pruning in vineyards and orchards.
BV and BVR mulchers have a chassis made of high-resistance steel, standard equipped with heavy hammers with a new design and three counter-knives. Collecting rakes can be fitted as option to facilitate the shredding of pruning. BV range includes the series 10 and 100. BV series 10 is particularly suitable for mulching vines and it is equipped with a central-fixed headstock. The BV series 100 range is ideal for the shredding of pruning in vineyards and orchards and it is available with mechanical or hydraulic offset. The frontal version of the series 100 is called BVR. The BVR series 100 is available in two versions: with a central-fixed headstock and with mechanical or hydraulic offset. New generation of BV and BVR are designed with a smooth, low-rounded profile, without protrusions ideal for shredding close to the trees easily. Equipped with an inlet opening that has been enlarged to enable a big volume of pruning to enter and to be shredded. The roller with removable ends is adjusted in two positions, forwards and backwards. The forward position allows a higher working speed, while the backward position allows a better shredding of pruning, with or without the collecting rakes. Nobili mulchers are built in compliance with European Regulations.

Technical features   BV 10 BV 12 BV 14 BV 16
Connecting position Rear Rear Rear Rear
Working width mm 966 1154 1342 1530
Engine speed pdp rpm 540 540 540 540
Tractor horse power HP 35-100 40-100 45-100 50-100
KW 26-74 29-74 33-74 37-74
Rotor speed rpm 2404 2404 2404 2404
Pruning residues < < 5 cm < 5 cm < 5 cm < 5 cm
Blades 06 12 12 16 16
Measures A 1087 1275 1483 1671
B 930 930 930 930
C 445 445 445 445
Weight KG 330 360 390 440

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