WS-BIO Mulcher


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Energy Crops

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Specialized windrower shredder for energy crops

For Energy crops shredding:Arundo Donax, Switchgrass, Miscanthus and Fibre sorghum.
With the WS BIO range, Nobili anticipates the answer to the needs of the biomass crop sector with a highly professional and innovative solution. The WS BIO series is in fact ideal for the shredding of dedicated biomass crops such as Arundo Donax, Panicum virgatum, Miscanthus and fibre sorghum.Tractor mounted machine - fitted on the front three-point linkage or on the rear linkage of reverse drive tractors - the WS BIO is supported by a roller adjusting the working height. Equipped also with a flattening frame and a movable front hood with roller - both hydraulically adjustable - favouring the introduction of the still standing canes inside the shredding chamber.Thanks to an auger mounted below the rotor, whose transfer rate is hydraulically adjustable, the new mulcher WS (Windrower Shredder) offers the possibility to create - simultaneously to the shredding - also the windrow for the subsequent collection of biomass through balers.

Technical features   WS 320 BIO
Connecting position Reversibile
Working width mm 3231
Engine speed pdp rpm 1000
Tractor horse power HP 150-300
KW 110-221
Rotor speed rpm 1930
Blades 01 72
Measures A 3500
B 1650
C 1000
Weight KG 1800

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