Ventis FF Pro May 28, 2019

Nobili Company has been rewarded for the overrow Ventis FF Pro trailed sprayer, following the initiative “Vota in Vigneto” organized during the show Enovitis in Campo, held last June in Fabbrico. Nobili has also been recognized for twenty consecutive years of participation at this event, organized by the Italian Wine Union. The new realities in vineyard require more and more time saving and precision in treatments, and the latest Nobili creation is in fact the new over-row spraying head for the Ventis range. FF Pro sprayer has been developed in response to farmer’s needs, who require a machine that can be adapted to the different vineyard configurations and treatments. Tanks availability 1000 – 1500 and 2000 liters, also in homologated versions for the road transport. This machine is able to treat three complete rows in a single pass. The spray head is equipped with independent arms that allows an excellent coverage on the whole leaf wall and on the different faces. The conveyor divides the air equally over all the spraying exits; the penetration and the pneumatic micronization are ensured by the Nobili centrifugal fan able to develop air speeds ranging from 120 m/s to 180 m/s.
The main innovation consists in the different movements, which allow to open and close the arms even inside the rows, easily dropping 2,40 meters heights without leaving the rows and avoiding dangerous obstacles that can decelerate the work (light poles in the middle of the row). Three vertical arms are fitted on telescopic arms that allow to treat vineyards with inter-row spacing from 2 to 3,50 meters and plants high up to 2,50 meters, treating three complete rows. Movements are easily controlled by a joystick - placed in the tractor cabin - and the spraying can be operated by the on-board computer.

Ventis FF Pro
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