THE FIRST, THE ONLY 100% ELECTRIC November 9, 2020

We enter the future with renewed energy.

Innovation has always been our focus for 75 years.

At EIMA EDP NOBILI presents  an innovative concept of electrification of the tractor-implement system, born from the collaboration between NOBILI research and development department and CNH Industrial - Technology. The sprayer and the mulcher called E-SPRAYER and E-MULCHER are the first fully electric machines, using a generator on the tractor as the only source of energy, connected to an outlet that meets the standard AEF. In both implements, there are no cardan shafts, no oil and no gearboxes.
The E-SPRAYER is equipped with two electric motors, one for the pump and one for an innovative and patented fan group, and it has an automatic dosing system that communicates with the tractor thanks to the ISOBUS control. The fan rotation speed is adjustable up to six different speeds, according to the needs of the vegetation. Moreover, the inversion of the blades motion allows the cleaning of the intake grid from the leaves, which in some cases can obstruct the regular flow.   
The E-MULCHER is equipped with an electric motor for the rotor and two linear actuators that allow the movement of the cutting head in working position. It has a control with electronic ramps intended for starting and stopping, while during work it maintains a constant speed to ensure the best cutting quality. The reversible rotation of the rotor also allows the E-MULCHER to shred different types and volumes of vegetation.
Thanks to electrification, the efficiency of the tractor-implement system improves significantly and the connection to the mechanical power take-off is no longer a constraint, therefore the machine can handle turns with more accentuated angles. Field tests have shown a reduction in fuel consumption per hectare up to 34% with the E-SPRAYER and up to 31% with the E-MULCHER.

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