SLS Mulcher


Embankments and roadsides


Manutenzione del verde
Grass, meadows, parks, gardens

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Specialized professional mulcher for green spaces

Higher productivity in a shorter time
The SLS 16 offset mulcher has been designed for the maintenance of roadsides and embankments and can be connected to tractors in both front and rear position.It is the unique mulcher in the market that coordinates all the cutting head hydraulic movements on the machine (n.4 hydraulic jacks linked to equal kinematics) to the fact that all operations for the mulcher change-over from front- to rear mount (and vice versa) can be performed in the field, neither using tools nor lifting devices. All this by 1,5-2 minutes with only an operator and by 30 seconds with two operators. The time required to couple the machine and to recouple it in a different working position is not significantly affected by the hitch changeover. This movement and the anti-shock system operation are possible thanks to the vertical pin, which represents the core of a European registered patent. Available in working width of 1600 mm. Machine certified by throwing of stones test, according to the norm EN 13524 (machines for roadside maintenance). Tests carried out by CNR-IMAMOTER andDEIAFA – University of Turin.

Technical features   SLS 16
Connecting position Rear
Working width mm 1505
Engine speed pdp rpm 540/1000
Tractor horse power HP 70-150
KW 51-110
Rotor speed rpm 2210/2347
Blades 06 18
09 42
09/L 18
Measures A 1600
B 3005
C 1500
Weight KG 950

Our safety depends on the cleaning of roads, rivers and hedges.

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