Tractor mounted fork-lifts with compact size

MX tractor mounted fork-lifts can be fitted to the front or rear three-point linkage of the tractor. The special design of the frame with pillars made in high resi-stance steel and sliding on bearings enables a compact size, maintaining a free lift of 200 mm. MX fork-lifts have a standard lifting capacity of 1500 kg and a 4-lever di-stributor that allows the lifting, side-shift, tilt and load locking movements. Upon request it is possible to equip the fork-lift with the crossbar or the case holder and the electric controls to satisfy different working needs.

Technical features   MX 15-250 MX 15-320
Weight capacity Kg 1500 1500
Free lift 200 200
Elevation mm 2500 3200
Tilt -10°/+15° -10°/+15°
Minimum height mm 1450 1880
Lateral translation mm 100+100 100+100
Apertura stringicasse min mm 1145 1345
Apertura stringicasse max mm 1940 2545
Fork width mm 550-750 550-750
Power HP 40 - 50 40 - 50
KW 30 - 37 30 - 37
Weight KG 500 550

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