Enovitis in campo 2024 January 4, 2024

Machine tests in the vineyard

NOBILI will be present at Enovitis in campo 2024 with some machine models such as the NOBILI Ventis OTF Plus low-volume multi-row pneumatic sprayer, the ideal solution for treating 6 sides in a single pass in inaccessible conditions and uneven vineyards. Thanks to the combination of 4 hands and 4 cannons, the work is easy and the adjustment is instant and precise. The strong thrust of the air concentrated in the external guns allows excellent coverage and penetration in rows up to 3 m wide, it is available with 1000 and 1500 liter tanks, also in the homologated version.  

The advantages of the VENTIS series are improved micronization and homogeneous distribution with reduced product losses, reduced volumes per hectare and therefore greater working autonomy. 

or real-time fleet monitoring and management needs, NOBILI IOT is available, which through the connection to the server, allows you to monitor and operate remotely through a dedicated web service. 

By equipping the sprayer with an electrostatic system, which further makes the treatment more efficient and limits product drift, the flow coming out of the dispensers is polarized, allowing the nebulized mixture to stick to the vegetative wall (leaves, bunches), and to increase its coverage both on the passage side and on the opposite side, with an enveloping direction of the drops towards the target.  

By combining the high penetration capacity of pneumatic nebulizers with the NOBILI electrostatic charge system, increases in coverage and homogeneity of the treatment are obtained, while at the same time losses due to drift on the ground are reduced for a professional, efficient and "green" treatment on all crops. 

In addition to the Ventis OTF PLUS sprayer, at Enovitis in campo 2024 you will also be able to see the SDS mulcher with mulching swath and the DM 5010 inter-row mechanical weeder at work.


Enovitis in campo

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