The company

A company in the lead, dynamic and attentive to agriculture development. Nobili deals with agricultural mechanization: a modern reality and well organized, able to meet or exceed farmers’ and contractors’ variable expectations with great competence and skill.

Whole Nobili production is designed, developed and realized in the plant located in Molinella – in the heart of Emilia Romagna region – through out a modern managing supported by not only technical progress but also excellent coordination of production and marketing.

Technology, productivity and work quality are basic features for Nobili product range which is wide and versatile with an incomparable choice of mulchers, sprayers and fork-lifts models. The continuous evolution and personalization of Nobili product range has given the possibility to get – nowadays – a great importance position to the company, not only on national market but also in Europe and all over the world with an export turnover being currently over 75%.

Technological innovation pursued by Nobili is always fruit of enthusiasm and continuous engagement to new solutions searches. Of greatest attention is the aim at being technological leaders in agricultural mechanization focusing the maximum engagement on customers’ specific needs. Farmer together with contractor growth represents for Nobili its own growth respecting different realities and environment.

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Since over 60 years – thanks to its own human resources support - Nobili pursues a high-quality target through firm and great values which are:

The constant control on purposes and leading values represents the basis and the leading force to all most suitable and correct company decisions for all collaborators and company itself through a successful team work. Constant employees involvement and sharing – among different company departments and competences – ensure a high-quality in products and work supporting customers and final users competitiveness.