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Mulchers - WS BIO


Energy Crops


Nobili WS 320 BIO mulchers are tractormounted machines to be ftted to the front tractor three-point linkage or to the rear linkage in reverse drive tractors. Ideal to shred energy crops such as Arundo donax, Panicum virgatum, Miscanthus sinensis and
fber sorghum. WS BIO range is supported by a roller adjusting the working height and is equipped with a dividing frame and a
front movable hood with an idle roller, both hydraulically adjustable, ensuring the entering of standing reeds into the mulching chamber.
WS BIO mulchers offer the possibility, on a single pass, to make the windrow necessary for further biomass collecting by bale wrappers, thanks to a spiral ftted below the rotor, with hydraulically adjustable speed.
Working width: 3200 mm.