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Mulchers - BC-P series 1000


Straw, corn, rice
Broad green areas
Sunflower stubbles


BC 6500 P mulchers have a chassis made of high-resistance steel and provided with wear and tear metal sheet. Equipped with a double counter-knife, they are supported by wheels or rollers while working. BC 6500 P mulchers have mechanical components designed for professional use, which allow many working hours coupled to tractors ranging from 200 to 450 HP with a hitch of Cat 3 and 4. The two shredding units of the BC 6500 can be folded for the road transport and equipped with the electronic “Folding Control” device upon request. This device allows the folding of the shredding units only when the speed and the inertia of the two rotors have come to a complete stop, preserving the transmissions from any mechanical damage.
Working width: 6500 mm.