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Mulchers - BP series 10


Grass, fibrous and wood stalks, bushes
Grass, vine and kiwi pruning
Grass, meadows, parks, gardens
Broad green areas


BP 24 - 28 - 30 mulchers are tractor-mounted machines to be ftted to the three-point linkage of the rear tractor lift. Ideal to shred grass, corn, bushes and pruning and for the upkeeping of large grassy areas and fallow lands. Multipurpose and sturdy, BP 24 - 28 - 30 mulchers are supported by roller or wheels adjusting the working height. BP 24 - 28 - 30 range is equipped with an 8-row rotor in addition to two counter knives that - together with the advantageous roller position - ensure a perfect cutting and a power requirement reduction. BP 24 - 28 - 30 mulchers have a fx central-fxed headstock or a headstock with hydraulic offset. Working widths from 2400 to 3050 mm.