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Mulchers - BNU


Grass, fibrous and wood stalks, bushes
Grass, vine and kiwi pruning
Grass, meadows, parks, gardens
Straw, corn, rice
Broad green areas
Sunflower stubbles


Multi-purpose and strong mulchers ideal for shredding pruning wood, vine-cuttings, straw, beet and potatoes leaves, artichokes, corn, pineapple, grass, etc. The BNU 125 - 140 - 160 - 195 series is tractor-mounted, fitted to the three-point linkage of the hydraulic lift (front or rear) of the tractor, with two connecting positions. The machine is fitted with integrated free-wheel and open hood. Upon request it may be supplied with spreader vanes to spread the chopped product together with a safety and protection kit for open version. Upon request, the BNU 195 model may be equipped with hydraulic axial side shift. Working widths: 1220 - 1500 - 1580 - 1940 mm.

Highlights   Advantages for the user
Working widths: from 125 to 195 cm. Broad range of options.
Various interchangeable knives.
Oil bath and toothed belts transmission. Reliability and safety over time.
A variety of equipment. Allowing excellent working in orchard and open field cultivations by simply changing the equipment.
Various types of counter-knives. Allowing greater mulching effect on product.