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Inter-row mechanical weeding

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Inter-row mechanical weeding

The DM 5010 equipment for the inter-row mechanical weeding, that is equipped with a rotor with long nylon ropes, able to mechanically eliminate the weeds present in its range of action, without damaging the tree trunks. Thanks to the DM 5010, used in combination with the mulcher, it is possible to carry out two field operations in a single pass : maintenance and shredding of the grass in the row and in the under-row area. This leads to important savings linked to the tractor costs and labor times. It can be mounted on the mulchers BV series 100, VKD and BKE; fields of applications are vineyards, orchards, olive groves and agrivoltaic farms. It can be used on soils of any mixture even in the presence of stones. This equipment used in combination with the mulcher, avoids using herbicides and other chemicals for the whole year. The operations of lengthening and reloading the ropes are extremely easy, thanks to the innovative locking-unlocking system and the open rotor. Furthermore, the rollup rotor shaft system ensures a great autonomy of work. It can be operated by direct connection to the tractor through quick couplings, or it can be provided with an independent hydraulic circuit.
50 cm maximum working height.

Technical features   DM 5010
Lateral displacement mm 400
Working width mm 800
Tractor horse power HP 40-80
KW 29-59
Rotor speed rpm 1200
Weight KG 180-250

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