BP serie 1000 Mulcher


Low-body profile multi-purpose mulchers


Grass, vine and kiwi pruning
Grass, fibrous and wood stalks, bushes
Straw, corn, rice
Broad green areas
Grass, meadows, parks, gardens

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Multi-purpose mulcher

For the shredding on green areas, grassy cultivation, corn and bushes.
BP mulchers are tractor-mounted machines to be fitted to the three-point linkage of the rear tractor lift. Ideal to shred grass, bushes, pruning, corn and for the maintenance of wide green areas and fallow lands. Multi-purpose and sturdy, BP mulchers are supported by a roller or wheels adjusting the working height. The BP range is equipped with a rotor with eight rows of knife supports and two counter-knives that, together with the roller position, provide the best cut and the reduction of the power absorption. The BP series 10 are available both with fixed coupling and with hydraulic offset, while the BP series 100 are equipped with a strong hydraulic offset. The BP series 1000, in combination with the BPR 280 and BPR 305 models, guarantee high productivity both with front PTO and reverse drive tractors. Nobili mulchers are built in compliance with European regulations.

Technical features   BP 8300
Connecting position Rear
Lateral displacement mm Attacco centrale
Working width mm 8300
Engine speed pdp rpm 1000
Tractor horse power HP 150-300
KW 110-221
Rotor speed rpm 2052
Blades 01 128
06 64
Measures A 8613
B 1290
C 525
Weight KG 2630

Many different crops and material to mulch?

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