BNU CL/CV Mulcher


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Thick pruning

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Special machines

Nobili BNU -CV / CL mulchers are tractor-mounted machines to be ftted to the rear tractor three-point linkage. Ideal for the collection and shredding of grass and pruning. BNU-CV mulchers are equipped with a vertical conveyor - with adjustable ending part - specially conceived to deliver the mulched material into a trailer driven by the same tractor or by another one on the sideways row. BNU - CL mulchers give the possibility to discharge mulched product into windrows under plantations trees. BNU-CV / CL mulchers can be equipped with wheels adjusting the working height.
Working width: 1450 mm.

Technical features   BNU 145 CL BNU 145 CV
Connecting position Rear Rear
Lateral displacement mm 750 - 750 750 - 750
Working width mm 1500 1500
Engine speed pdp rpm 540 540
Tractor horse power HP 60-125 60-125
KW 44-92 44-92
Rotor speed rpm 2278 2278
Pruning residues < < 5 cm < 5 cm
Blades 06 16 16
Measures A 2000 1720
B 990 990
C 1390 3400
Weight KG 684 760

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