BNG Mulcher


High-body profile multi-purpose mulchers


Sunflower stubbles
Grass, vine and kiwi pruning
Grass, fibrous and wood stalks, bushes
Straw, corn, rice
Broad green areas
Grass, meadows, parks, gardens

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Multi-purpose mulchers

Robust multi-purpose mulchers for all agriculturaI works suchas pulverising straw, maize stalks, beet Ieaves, potato hulmes,grass, etc.
The MULCHERS NOBILI BNG 230-270 are of the mounted type and fit on the three-point linkage of the hydraulic lift of thetractor and equipped with gearbox with integrated free wheel. In working position tney are supported by steering wheelsadjusting their height. The standar version is witn closed hood. The machine is also available in an open version upon request,equipped with spreader vanes to spread the chopped product and with a security-protection kit. The rotor is provided withmoving, inrerchangeable knives having different shapes and sizes to suit the machine to any job conditions. The mulcher isconstructed in compliance with the European Regulations.

Technical features   BNG 230 BNG 270
Connecting position Rear Rear
Lateral displacement mm 750 - 1550 Attacco centrale
Working width mm 2174 2530
Engine speed pdp rpm 540 540
Tractor horse power HP 70-125 80-125
KW 51-92 59-92
Rotor speed rpm 2025 2025
Pruning residues < < 5 cm < 5 cm
Blades 01 48 56
02 48 56
05 48 56
012 72 84
Measures A 2540 2920
B 990 1080
C 560 710
Weight KG 890 1130

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