Antis V P Sprayer


Vegetable cultivations
Cereal cultivations
Trellis orchard
Trellis vineyard
Vineyard and kiwi GDC
Canopy vineyard and kiwi plants
Olive grove
Citrus grove
Poplar, chestnut, tall trunk trees



Type of spraying

Axial fan

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Tractor mounted sprayers

Tractor mounted sprayers for vineyards.
Tractor mounted range ANTIS, characterized by fan units with front suction. The new fan units allow to eliminate the problems associated to the leaf suction, the sprayed product and the dust; moreover, the air flow and the chemical mixture are directed behind the suction part of the sprayer guarantees a secure protection for the. Peculiarities of ANTIS fan units are the clutches of antiwear brake-lining; straightening vanes to stabilize the flow on both treatement sides; reduced dimensions when manoeuvring and the possibility to adjust the pitch blades in different positions according to the air volume need for the vegetation to treat and the available tractor power. The new ANTIS-V sprayers add tower conveyors to the characteristics of ANTIS series recommended for espalier vineyards and orchards. Tanks capacity of 400 - 500 to 600 liters.

Technical features   Antis V 82-400 P Antis V 82-500 P Antis V 82-600 P
Lt. capacity lt 400 500 600
rpm = 540 bar 0-50 litri/1’ 106 106 106
Ø 820 820 820
rpm 2380 2380 2380
m/sec 36 36 36
mc/h 36800 36800 36800
Horizontal Range m 3-10 3-10 3-10
Vertical Range m 2-7 2-7 2-7
Power HP 50-60 50-60 50-60
KW 37-45 37-45 37-45
Measures A mm 1580 1580 1580
B mm 1230 1230 1230
C mm 1720 1720 1720
Weight KG 340 346 351

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